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Institutional Membership

Who Should Join?

This membership is perfect for all educational institutions, including public and private schools, colleges, and universities.  Whether you're a well-established institution or an up-and-coming institution, ESC provides the platform for you to showcase your excellence and grow in a competitive environment.

Benefits Designed for Your Success

Enhanced Visibility

Reach a targeted audience of educators, parents, and students through exclusive ESC events.

Earn Prestigious Awards

Be nominated for awards that celebrate your institution's achievements.

Become Thought Leaders

Participate in education meets and conferences and position yourselves as a leaders promoting innovation in education

Forge Valuable Collaborations

Network with edupreneurs, education experts and explore valuable partnerships.

How ESC Helps You Achieve Your Goals
Growth Gatherings - "Sangath"

Gain a one time opportunity to address ESC Growth Gathering, a monthly gathering of diverse edupreneurs such as trainers, counsellors, psychologists, educational product providers and more. This is your chance to showcase your offerings, discuss your needs, and establish connections with your primary audience, including students and parents through our edupreneurs.

Moreover, these gatherings will feature addresses by ESC’s Institutional Members such as schools, colleges, universities, and Industry Members including companies and organizations seeking innovative learning solutions and fresh talent from academia.

Business Meetings - "Samruddhi"

ESC Samruddhi is a meet for ESC edupreneurs to exhibit and promote their products and services. Here you can present your institution’s  offerings to a wide range of audience like students, parents, educators and edupreneurs beyond the ESC community. You can explore potential collaborations and also consider sponsorship opportunities to further enhance visibility.

Education Conference - "Samvaad"

ESC Samvaad is an education conference that brings together very diverse voices within the educational community for discussions on various education-related topics. Here you can interact with key individuals like education experts, policymakers, educators and edupreneurs. Become part of expert panels, share your innovative approach, and position yourselves as thought leaders. Sponsorship opportunities are also available to maximize your visibility.

Awards and Recognition

Be recognized for your dedication to excellence. Institutional Members are eligible for nominations in various award categories such as Student Satisfaction Award, Teaching Excellence Award, Innovation and Research Award etc.. Winning an ESC award adds a layer of prestige to your institution and strengthens your reputation. These awards will be presented during either "Samruddhi" or "Samvaad”.

Joint Certifications

Access exclusive certifications in collaboration with ESC in areas like Special Education Leadership, Technology Leadership, Teacher Development Leadership etc.. These certifications will showcase your commitment to continuous improvement and attract qualified educators seeking professional development.

Campus Visits

Organize exclusive campus visits for ESC members, providing them with a firsthand experience of your strengths and unique offerings. This fosters deeper connections and allows ESC members to effectively communicate your value proposition to prospective students, parents and educators.

Invest in Your Institution's Future
For an annual membership fee of just Rs.1,00,000 (Rs. One Lakh), you gain access to a comprehensive package of benefits designed to take your institution forward.
Join a Community of Educational Leaders
Become part of a vibrant network of educational institutions committed to shaping the future of learning. Together, we can create a thriving educational ecosystem that benefits all.
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