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Industry Membership

Who Should Join?

This membership is ideal for companies and organizations across all industries. Whether you're seeking customized training solutions, looking to connect with domain experts, or attracting fresh talent from academia, ESC provides a platform for you to achieve your goals.

Benefits Designed for Your Success

Upskill Your Workforce

Access a network of qualified trainers and facilitators to design and deliver targeted training programs, workshops, and seminars for your employees.

Bridge the Skills Gap

Identify and address skill gaps within your workforce through consultations with specialists in education.

Attract Top Talent

Connect with universities and placement representatives to source the best and brightest graduates for your organization.

Enhance Visibility

Gain prominence through participation in ESC events and also recognitions such as an employer of choice through ESC awards.

Become an Industry Leader

Participate in industry discussions, share your expertise, and establish yourselves as a thought leader in your field.

How ESC Helps You Achieve Your Goals
Growth Gatherings - "Sangath"

Gain a one time opportunity to address ESC Growth Gathering, a monthly gathering of diverse edupreneurs such as training providers, consultants, domain specialists and more. Discuss your specific needs and find the perfect solutions to meet your goals and address your challenges.

Business Meetings - "Samruddhi"

ESC Samruddhi is a meet for ESC edupreneurs to exhibit and promote their products and services. Here you can showcase your brand to a wide range of audience like universities, industry peers, placement representatives, and educators. You can explore potential partnerships and collaborations and also consider sponsorship opportunities to further enhance visibility.

Education Conference - "Samvaad"

ESC Samvaad is an education conference that brings together very diverse voices within the educational community for discussions on various education-related topics. Interact with key stakeholders in the education sector, including universities, policymakers, business leaders, and education innovators. Become part of experts panels and position yourselves as a leader promoting innovative ideas and solutions in education. Sponsorship opportunities are also available to maximize your visibility.

Awards and Recognition

Industry Members are eligible for nominations in various award categories, such as CSR Education Impact Award, Academic Partnership Award, Industry Leadership Award, Employer of Choice Award etc. Winning an ESC award adds a layer of prestige to your organization and strengthens your employer brand. These awards will be presented during either "Samruddhi" or "Samvaad”.

Invest in Your Workforce, Invest in Your Future
For an annual membership fee of just Rs. 1,00,000 (Rs. One Lakh), you gain access to a comprehensive package of benefits designed to propel your organization forward.
Join a Community of Industry Leaders
Become part of a vibrant network of organizations committed to collaboration, innovation and growth.
Ready to take the next step?
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