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Edupreneur Membership

Empowering education entrepreneurs is what we do at ESC.
Who Should Join?

This membership is designed for anyone who owns private enterprises within the education sector and welcomes those in both teaching and non-teaching roles. Whether you're someone with years of experience in education business or someone who wishes to start a business in education, the ESC community has a place for all of you.

Benefits Designed for Your Success

Boost Your Visibility

Get your brand noticed! We'll help you reach a wider audience through ESC events and platforms.

Forge Powerful Partnerships

Connect with other edupreneurs, educators, industry leaders to explore lucrative collaborations and partnerships.

Gain Invaluable Guidance

Learn from experienced mentors and tap into their expertise and knowledge to overcome business challenges.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Access exclusive online resources and educational content to sharpen your skills and stay informed.

Earn Recognition for Your Achievements

Be nominated for prestigious awards and build a strong reputation within the education sector.

How ESC Empowers You

As an ESC Edupreneur Member, you unlock exclusive benefits, resources, and connections to take your business to the next level.

Growth Gatherings - "Sangath"

Attend 10 monthly meetings focused on networking, collaboration, discussions on specific business challenges and learning new business concepts. Taking place on the second Saturday of each month these gatherings will feature edupreneurs belonging to the same and diverse business niche that will promote increased collaborations and healthy competition.


Moreover, these gatherings will feature addresses by ESC’s Institutional Members such as schools, colleges, universities, and Industry Members including companies and organizations seeking innovative learning solutions and fresh talent from academia.

Business Meetings - "Samruddhi"

ESC Samruddhi is a meet for ESC edupreneurs to exhibit and promote their products and services. Network with key stakeholders such as educators, edupreneurs, policymakers, students, parents, schools/universities representatives, industry professionals and other influential figures in the education space. This meet offers you the opportunity to explore extensive collaborations / partnerships and increase your visibility in the education space.

Education Conference - "Samvaad"

ESC Samvaad is an education conference aimed at promoting thought leadership in education. This event brings together very diverse voices within the educational community for discussions on various education-related topics. Samvaad offers an exciting platform for you to interact with students, parents, school principals, educators, edupreneurs, policymakers, business consultants, industry professionals and other influential individuals in the education space.

Awards and Recognition

Be nominated for awards like Best Promoter, Best Leader, Best Contributor, Best Mentor, and Best Volunteer etc., adding to your reputation within the education community. These awards will be presented during either "Samruddhi" or "Samvaad”. Also members who refer new members to ESC will receive added advantages on their membership renewal in the form of discounts, recognizing their role in expanding and strengthening the ESC community.

ESC Cultural Meet

Beyond networking and recognition programs, we also want our members to have some fun! Participate in the ESC Cultural Meet and engage in enjoyable activities and games, nurturing camaraderie and a profound sense of belonging within the ESC community.

Online Educational Resources

Gain exclusive access to ESC's online educational resources and research. These digital assets are designed to supplement your learning and development and support your growth in your educational venture.

There’s More!

Edupreneur Members can seek coaching and mentorship from seasoned edupreneurs who understand their unique journey of entrepreneurship.

Edupreneur Members can assume leadership roles contributing to the growth and impact of ESC meets and the overall community.

Invest in Your Success
For an annual membership fee of just Rs. 25,000, you gain a treasure trove of resources and unparalleled access to a supportive community and
Join us and embark on a transformative entrepreneurial journey!
Ready to become an Edupreneur Member? 
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