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Advisor Membership

Who Should Join?

This membership is tailored for those individuals who possess significant experience, influence and a strong network within the education sector.

If you have a distinguished career in education and a desire to contribute your expertise as an advisor, the ESC Advisor Membership is perfect for you.

Benefits Designed for Your Success

Enhance Visibility

ESC provides a stage to showcase your expertise and connect with a nationwide network of influential figures in education.

Collaboration Opportunities

Explore partnerships with ESC's Industry Members (companies), Institutional Members (schools and universities), and Professional Members (educators).

Recognition and Reward

Be nominated for prestigious awards that celebrate your contributions to education.

Learning & Development

Gain access to exclusive online educational resources and research to fuel your professional development.

Supportive Community

Become part of a vibrant community of advisors, edupreneurs, educators and experience growth and professional support.

How ESC Empowers You
Advisor Member Meetings

Attend 10 online meetings of advisor members throughout the year. Pitch your expertise, engage in brainstorming sessions, and explore wide range of collaborations on our platform:

Industry Collaborations

Partner with ESC Industry Members to deliver training programs, workshops, and other initiatives aimed at enhancing competencies of their workforce.

Institutional Collaborations

Lead ESC’s joint certification programs for ESC’s Institutional Members in diverse areas like technology integration, special education, faculty development and more.

Professional Member Development

Spearhead ESC's CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Programs for educators, focusing on areas like communication skills. mental health, student wellbeing and more.

Business Meetings - "Samruddhi" & Education Conference - "Samvaad"

Network with key stakeholders such as educators, edupreneurs, policymakers, industry professionals and other influential figures in the education space who are not part of ESC at these flagship ESC events. Gain further visibility by becoming part of expert panels and discussions.

Awards and Recognition

Be nominated for awards like Education Innovator Award, Edupreneur Excellence Award, Inspirational Mentor Award etc., adding to your reputation within the education community. These awards will be presented during either "Samruddhi" or "Samvaad”.

ESC Cultural Meet

Beyond networking and recognition programs, we also want our members to have some fun! Participate in the ESC Cultural Meet and engage in enjoyable activities and games, nurturing camaraderie and a profound sense of belonging within the ESC community.

Online Educational Resources

Gain exclusive access to ESC's online educational resources and research. These digital assets are designed to supplement your learning and development and support your growth in your educational journey.

Invest in Your Legacy, At No Cost!
The ESC Advisor Membership is like a perfect package of benefits designed to elevate your profile in the education sector.
And here's the best part: they're all accessible at absolutely no cost.
Join a Community of Education Leaders
Become part of a collaborative network of advisors shaping the future of education in India. Together, we can create a thriving educational ecosystem that benefits all.
Ready to make a difference?
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